Normally you can only advertise to people on Facebook that likes your page or you are friends with and even if you share links on other groups they are not always seen. There has been a rise up selling or swopping profiles like forsalebirmingham etc... so you can add these as friends once you have been acepted, which you will always will be, you can start advertising to their followers. You do this by uploading a relavent picture to your profile and then tagging them in the picture you can always tag other friends as well but dont do it too often as you may upset a few people as they will always see your tag post. If you can't find a profile that's relavent to your sector then make one and start collecting followers but obviously you may find other competitors trying to do the same thing but at least you are in command.
It's real power is for local advertising, but can be global with a bit of work.

If you need any more info or help then contact Qiart and se what we can do for your business.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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